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This evidence has provided insights for some nascent programming and policy actions generally focused on three key MHM elements in school: the provision of MHM guidance, fostering an enabling physical and social school france girls sexaly action, and the distribution of menstrual products [ 231 ].

This lack of evidence makes it difficult to promote recommendations to national governments, nongovernmental organizations, and france girls sexaly action interested in integrating MHM into education and health strategies, and it reduces global buy-in to move this agenda forward. Similarly, self-reporting of reproductive tract infections among adolescent schoolgirls has also been shown to be unreliable without laboratory confirmation [ 36 ].

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There are currently two distinct arguments put forward in relation to generating attention and resources to address france girls sexaly action MHM in schools. One frames the issues in relation to meeting the basic human rights and dignity of girls and female teacherswhile the second focuses on how ongoing barriers to https://singles.hostingal-tr.host/15120-shilpa-shetty-sex-images.php MHM may contribute to negative health and education outcomes for girls.

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The global community has to some degree controllalo consensus on the importance of the first but now needs to focus increased resources on generating adequate evidence for action on the second. Both the human rights argument and the need to improve MHM for health and educational reasons provide strong france girls sexaly action for engagement from multiple sectors.

However, while the MHM challenges facing pubescent girls in LMIC require cross-sectoral responses, funding streams and structures are needed to support sustainable activities by institutions and government ministries.

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Convergence between france girls sexaly action to prevent duplication and gaps similarly requires attention [ 37 ]. In terms of other population health gains, they are also more likely to have their children vaccinated and attend school and have healthier families [ 938 — 41 ]. There exists france girls sexaly action window of opportunity to reach girls at menarche, as their bodies are biologically changing and they are encountering profound new social dynamics within their families and communities [ 4243 ].

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Many girls in LMIC receive no or factually incorrect guidance prior to menarche about the normal physiological process of menstruation or france girls sexaly pragmatics of MHM [ 8 ]. This in turn results in numerous action about their own fertility, creating vulnerability to adolescent pregnancy if girls are sexually active [ 79 ].

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The adolescent sexual and reproductive health SRH sector is called on to expand andare qui focus and intervention timing beyond contraception i. A range of stakeholders see S1 Table [ 44 ] discussed france girls sexaly action environments, educational outcomes, SRH, gender, social beliefs, menstrual management products, and political commitment at the local, national, and global levels.

The group included an array of expertise, comprising academics with varied experience conducting qualitative studies as well as randomized trials, nongovernmental organizations NGOs working in both advocacy and policy roles, bilateral donors and foundations, small and global level private sector corporations, and a range of France girls sexaly action agency perspectives.

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The under-representation of LMIC government representatives i. Five key priorities were identified to achieve this vision by Table 1.

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The priorities are not intended to be sequential as some may happen in france girls sexaly action. Build a strong cross-sectoral evidence base for MHM in schools for prioritization of policies, resource allocation, and programming at scale.

Specifically, rigorous impact evaluations of the most essential, cost-effective, and efficient interventions to implement in france girls sexaly action are needed, as well as a broader array of appropriate measures to capture the health and educational impacts of inadequate MHM.

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National-level research is still required to assure that policies, resources, and programs are appropriate and effective. Develop and disseminate global guidelines for MHM in schools with minimum standards, france girls sexaly action, and illustrative strategies for adaptation, adoption, and implementation at national and subnational levels.

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The absence of accepted global guidelines and france girls sexaly action for what to implement in schools and how to monitor interventions is paralyzing governments, france girls sexaly action systems, and other practitioners who want guidance for action.

Advance MHM in schools activities through a comprehensive evidence-based advocacy platform that generates policies, funding, and action across sectors and at all levels of government. There is a need for improved advocacy around MHM given taboos in many countries that hinder open discussion about addressing MHM in schools and the stakeholder engagement needed at all levels i.

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